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Came out here to help with a meth addiction. My life had become unmanageable. Thanks to the staff here and the programs and tools they taught me, I know have the tools needed for long term sobriety. Pat, Daniel, Carissa, Olivia and Austin are some of the best staff here. Daniel & Pat especially always treated every single person with respect and dignity they deserved. If wasn’t for Empower I don’t know where my life would be at. Thank you to the team and atmosphere Empower has. The facility’s are nice, The staff is friendly and the atmosphere is great and awesome here. If you are hesitant about coming, please, it will be the best decision you have ever made!

Christopher Pouget / Google Review

“BEST DECISION OF MY LIFE! AMAZING!” I was so frightened going to recovery. I hated myself and all the things life just kept throwing at me. My addiction had me sheltered away from people. I didn’t know who I could trust. It kept me hidden from society. Kept me from wanting to continue living. But I made the decision. The best decision I could ever make. Taking a flight to southern California and spending time at my new temporary home. I was expecting brick walls, locked doors, cell phone gone, and a payphone only to call my family. But what a found was a cozy brand new home. Doors unlocked, stocked fridge, and my cell phone always with me. With really cool down to earth people there that were so caring and understanding of everything I was going through. The people there became my friends. The staff there became my mentors. The food was catered and amazing! Or we cooked for each other. We had group sessions where we were shown what the addiction was doing to our brains and showed us the tools needed to shut that addictive voice out of our heads. Took relaxing yoga classes, went to the gym. On weekends they took us out to some incredible places, to show us we can enjoy life again. We went to the beach, took a hike up to the Hollywood sign, watched amazing movies at the theater, checked out the Hollywood stars, even went to six flags! This place gave me the hope I needed to know there is good people out there that care. That there is still a life worth living. I was an addict for 25 years, lost my job, my dog, my wife, my kids, next was my home. Now I am 6 months clean. Still have my house and a great new job paying me incredible money. Money that my bills are paid with, I’m able to take trips to amazing places, and a family having an amazing Christmas. No more wasting it away stuck in my prison of addiction. Empower showed me that life can happen again. There is hope out there if you work towards it. There is no need to just give up. Empower saved my life. Susan, Kevin, Brian, Travis, Brad, Jen, Diane, Emily, PJ, and so many others. These people all understand. I thank you all for everything you’ve done for me. Life is amazing now!

Lance H. / Rehabs.com

I had a great experience at Empower Recovery. I initially had planned on only going for 28 days, not fully committed to getting sober and ended up staying for 82 and now am over 3 months sober. The staff are great and everything is well organized. Meals are good as well. They put you on a great track for success in your sobriety and mental health. The location is great for attending plenty of actually fun AA/NA meetings. The weekend excursions around the LA area are an added bonus too! I’ll miss a lot of people I met out there and have made some life long friends. I highly recommend Empower if you are looking for help.

Chris Kmak / Google Review

Completely changed my life!! I have been to multiple treatment centers before Empower and not one of those previous places helped me in the way Empower did. The staff at Empower actually cares about the clients and are involved with them every step of the way. From the case workers to the therapist all the way down to the house managers. You can tell they are passionate about what they do and go above and beyond to help everyone that comes to Empower. Plus the center where they have groups is beautiful and the house I stayed in was so awesome and I found life long friends that I now consider my family. I would recommend Empower to anyone that is truly looking to turn their lives around and learn a new beautiful way of life!!

Bryan King / Google Review

Coming to Empower Recovery Center changed my life. The recovery process is difficult as it is but the staff is amazing. No judgment, total dedication, compassion.. these are just a few words to describe the amazing people that work there!

Jennifer Phillips / Google Review

I owe this place my gratitude! This place gave me tools that is required to be successful in the real world. I love this place! The staff genuinely care about my recovery! This place gave me the structure I truly needed. I am truly grateful of this place. I have a new opportunity in life thanks to Empower Recovery!

Travis Takamori / YP.com
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